The Legal Stuff

It is the responsibility of the named person on the booking form (known as the Bridal Party Leader or Bride) to understand, agree and be responsible for all booking conditions, including all payments, when submitting the booking form.

1. Consultations

Due to busy periods, our stylists hold trials at our Studio on the outskirts of Southampton or locally to Hampshire, at your home. We may not be able to accommodate you within a specified time of your choice, but we will do our best too .

For convenience, all clients have the option to submit information via our form from our website. The contact form will ask for all necessary information regarding your requirements for your wedding day and we will respond within 24hours. Provided this falls on a week day.
Further discussion of options and ideas can be discussed during an arranged hair trial or Make Up trial.

A consultation allows a client to discuss all ideas and requirements with their personal stylist. The quotation price will be based on the requirements stated at the consultation. If requirements change, please note there may be additional fees which will be added to the final balance. Clients can access our portfolio on our website, just go to our Gallery.

After your initial enquiry, a consultation can be arranged and booked to commence between the hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. Weekends can be arranged, however, with weddings being our business, weekends are usually busy!

2. Booking your wedding date

All consultations are non obligatory and no fees are incurred at this time.
All provisional bookings at time of consultation are kept secured for 10 days from the date of sent quotation. If no correspondence is received from the Bridal Party Leader after the 10 day period, either by phone, letter or email , our company is entitled to assume you wish to cancel your booking and the date will be available to other prospective clients.

The booking form must be signed by either the Bridal Party Leader or Bride, to secure the wedding date. If a booking is made within 4 weeks of the wedding date, the full balance stated on the quotation is payable upon you returning the booking form within the 10 day period.
All monies submitted and received are non refundable* (please see exemption 7 )

3. Trials (Hair)

Trials for hair designs are essential in order to find the right style that suits your individual needs, We wouldn’t dream of arriving and ‘going with the flow’ on the wedding day!! A wedding day needs to be well prepared and planned, for you and for us. Brides and Bridesmaids may have different ideas in mind for the wedding day, which can be discussed with the stylist.

A hair trial will identify the time and complexity of a chosen hair design in reference to the length, texture and condition of the hair at the time of the trial. The purpose of a trial is to find a style to suit your personality as well as identify any possible problem areas with a client’s hair and suggest solutions or ideas that are better suited to the hair, face shape, profile and style.

A stylist cannot predict any problem, that may arise during a trial, but will try alternative styling methods to overcome this if possible, or suggest to try an alternative style.

Trials are quoted per 2 hour session, A client has the option of having more than one hair design during the trial, but costs will be incurred at our standard hourly rate if the 2 hour session over runs.

Clients are advised to prepare the hair for a trial by washing the hair either the night before or on the morning of the trial day. The hair must be free from hair styling products, it must NOT be straightened. By straightening the hair, this makes it very hard to work with especially if you want bend or curls, as we end up with right angles! Please do not have any hair extensions/hair pieces in, please bring them with you if you wish. The stylist has to be informed prior to conducting a hair trial if the client suffers from any known allergy to specific hair products/ingredients, or has increased scalp sensitivity when exposed to heat

Clients must consent to a picture being taken by the stylist after a trial is performed. This acts as a resource to help the stylist mimic the chosen style for the wedding day, and may also help a Bride/bridesmaid determine their choice of hair design, your images will be emailed to you after the trial.

A stylist will welcome all ideas and suggestions from a client during the trial and notes will be taken as to any further course of action. If time exceeds that a stylist or client is unable to try alternative styling, a further booking can be made for another day/time, at an additional cost.

3.a. Trials (Make Up)

Make up trials are conducted at a different time to your hair trial as we specialize in our field, we do not multi-skill as we feel we cannot be a master of one if you are a jack of all! Our stylists and Make Up artists have trained to the highest level and specialized to provide you with the best service available. We can arrange for your appointments to be on the same day, depending on our schedules and linking our diaries.

Clients must provide clear and honest answers to the best of their knowledge in accordance with health and safety and be willing to sign any document to that fact e.g. allergies/sensitivity of eyes and skin.

Please allow a minimum of an hour and a half for your trial, we would like you to enjoy your experience and feel pampered.

4. Payment (wedding day)

Your booking is secure as soon as we have received your signed booking form The balance is to be paid within 28 days of your trial. The quote you receive is the cost for the wedding day and does not include any travel costs. Travel costs will be calculated and included in your quotation.

Should no payment be received despite a reminder by email/letter by specified due date, Wedding Hair In Hampshire; has the right to cancel all services for your wedding date and all fees due will still be payable to our company.

6. If you cancel/change your booking

(I) Changes: changes to your booking by adding on another person onto your original booking can only be accepted if time/resources allow on the day. If these changes are made after booking form/deposit are submitted, additional costs of these changes will be added to final bill, payable on or within 28days of Trial date.

Changes made to reduce the number in your bridal party will still incur all costs in written quotation and payable in full. Any changes to services outside of our company I.e. flowers, headdresses, tiaras, jewellery, as well as beauty/make up artists etc are the sole responsibility of the Bridal party leader.

Our company will not accept any loss of earnings due to difficulties experienced by other outside services that may hinder the services we provide on the day.

If there are any changes to the original booking, the person responsible for booking must inform us either by phone call/letter or email as soon as possible.

(ii) Cancellations: If for whatever reason, you cancel your booking (after submitting your booking form) cancellation charges are as follows:

Outside of 3 months monies will be refunded in full (with the exception of services used and therefore paid for)

3 months prior to wedding day
50% of remainder of balance due

1-2 months prior to wedding day
75% of remainder of balance due

1 month or less
Total costs due

All cancellations must be put in writing ASAP by named person on booking form. The day our company receives your letter of notification of cancellation is the date on which your booking is cancelled (recorded delivery advisable). Our Postal address is provided on your paperwork you received in your wedding pack.

7. Cancellations/changes by our company

(I) Changes: Any changes to your original booking that does not interfere with the arrangements specified by the person responsible for their wedding party will be notified by either email/letter or phone call no more than 4 weeks prior to wedding day or ASAP. Any major changes I.e. change of stylist, must first be discussed with wedding party leader and confirmed in writing. If any changes suggested by our company are not acceptable to the wedding party leader, an alternative arrangement can be offered. If alternative suggestions are still not acceptable by wedding party leader, the wedding party leader can request a full refund to cancel their original booking. The request for cancellation and full refund, must be in writing by person responsible on booking form.

Any person in the wedding party that does not have a trial booked and performed before the wedding date, may be approached with an alternative suggestion for a hair design better suited for their hair length/texture and condition etc. These kinds of changes are exempt from the above policy.

(ii)Cancellations: Due to any unforeseen events or circumstances, our company may have no other option but to cancel our services for your wedding day. Please be assured this is very rare. Any cancellation will be made either in writing, by phone or by the stylist or company representative to the person on the booking form. Cancellations confirmed in writing prior to wedding day, our company will give a full refund of all monies paid (excluding hair trials) within 3 weeks of confirmed cancellation. For further security and peace of mind, If we cancel our services for your wedding day within 4 weeks of wedding date, our company will accept to pay up to £50.00 for any additional costs involved in finding alternative hairdressing services to perform your requirements as stated on the original booking form. Please note that our company will only accept invoice/receipts from legitimate qualified hairdresser working from an established hairdressing business in order to claim for additional costs.

8. Traveling expenses (Wedding day)

Traveling expenses may be incurred in addition to your original quotation, it is very important that you give us accurate details of location so we can be exact in our mileage quotation.
We charge the recommended mileage, the guidelines in place by the government. 0.45p this will be calculated before you pay your final balance, we will need the address of where you will be on the wedding day, at the time of booking, so this can be calculated.

9. Health and safety

Our company will ensure that all health and safety precautions are strictly adhered to. However, in any event of an accident caused by equipment breakdown or staff inattention which causes injury to any member of the wedding party on the booking form or damage to their property are advised to contact us and if necessary, seek legal advice.
Our company is fully covered by Public Liability insurance and we are part of the National Hairdressing federation, also all our stylists and Make-up artists are fully qualified to the highest level recognized by other professionals.

Should you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions of this policy, you are welcome to contact us here